On the way in Andalusia

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We made a car trip from Málaga to Ronda, where the landscape was really interesting, so I decided to post photos of them. The weather seemed to be like in Germany now, one minute with rain one minute with sunshine and luckily we saw a rainbow too. Have a great end of April, the month of changes.



The Andalusian seaside

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After visiting Seville we made a trip by car to the pretty white Andalusian villages, the so called los pueblos blancos. Our first stop was in Mijas, where we had an amazing panorama to the seaside. I really loved the bright colors of this town and I tried to catch with the Leica M9 some moments with the inhabitants too. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!


The largest Gothic Cathedral in the world

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I wanted to make a whole post about the Cathedral of Seville, as this is the largest in Gothic style. Actually it was a huge Muslim mosque but after the Reconquista it was rebuilt in Gothic style. It demonstrates the wealth of Seville when it was an important trading center along the Guadalquivir. The main altar was reconstructed when we visited anyway it was really gorgeous.

The side view

From the top

In the middle

Amazing details

The tomb of Christopher Columbus

In the chapel

Oval dome

The Giralda


Maria Luisa Park and Plaza de España

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The Maria Luisa Park was for me one of the magical plasces in Seville, as I am a huge fan of the Art Deco and Neo Mundejar architecture. The park was built for the Ibero-American Exposition in 1929 and contains two amazing buildings: the Exposition Building on Plaza España and the Mundejar Pavilon. On the "Spain Square" you can find paintings on tiles of every important Spanish city with delicate decoration. The park has also some beautiful lakes and many palm trees and other Mediterranean plants. I added some photos of the Hotel Alfonso XIII too and of Palacio San Telmo. They are really remarkable buildings too and you can find them on your way to the park.

Mundejar Pavilon

Decoration on the Plaza España

The Plaza España

Paintings on tiles


Blue and white details

Decorated lamps

The Exposition Building


Ship watering

Tiles on the floor in the park everywhere


Mundejar Pavilon building

La Rabida

Palacio San Telmo

Hotel Building

Alfonso XIII

Hotel with Neo Mundejar style