Treasures of the flea market in Zürich

16:38 Agnes Domany 3 Comments

As you may know I am a huge fan of flea markets, and actually the over all favourite post of this blog is about the Ecseri Piac (klick to see), the famous Hungarian flea market. Now I post the Swiss version of that, which was amazing too with many vintage treasures. It is always an emotional experience to see things from people, who may not live anymore, but their chair, jewellery or teacup can live for the future. I hope you feel the same through my photos taken with Leica M9.


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  1. Your pictures are fuckin' amazing! sorry to use fuckin'...but they are really-really good!!!:) You are talented!!

  2. Ági ide én is elakarok menni,áááhhhhh sokkal jobb mint az ecseri....Külföldön olyan jók vannak!!! most irigy vagyok:)
    nagyszerű poszt!!!!

  3. hey! may i know where exactly is the flea market located at in Zurich? and when does it usually open?
    im a huge fan of flea markets but im pretty lost here in switzerland, do help! ((:
    thank you!!!