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I would like to introduce the most beautiful city of Hungary, where I lived: Budapest. Here you can find a really nice Christmas Market on the Vörösmarty Square and the city lights are amazing too this time. I hope you like my photos, and I promise to show other pics from this wonderful city!   

Bank of the Danube with the Chain bridge

The Castle of Buda with a tram

The most famous coffee house: Gerbeaud. This is an amazing place, you should visit the inner rooms too.

Lights on the building

The inner side of the so called Parisian Aula

The outside of this building is an other jewel-box of Budapest

Really nice details

Golden lace

Christmas lights


What's the time?

Leather books

Ceramic art works

Ceramic neclace

You can find whatever you want

For the hot wine


Nice agendas

Hungarian folk art

Made from grass

Hungarian aboriginal stuff

The famous Hungarian pottery

For color lovers

Shadow play


The famous Hungarian Wine: Tokaji


Old furnace

Pig legs

Happy paprika


Something special: Cock balls

Really delicious sweets
Have nice days at the end of 2010!

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