Tübingen and the Swabian road of half-timbered houses

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On Monday we decided to visit 3 smart cities: Tübingen, the traditional university town with the most students pro inhabitants, Herrenberg with the beautiful square of timbered houses and Esslingen with the channels next to the Neckar and with the castle on the wineyard. In Germany you can find many so called roads: the tales road, the wine road and of course the road of the half-timberes houses. Herrenberg and Esslingen are parts of this and they are worth a visit. Let's start the slide show.

The Nackar in Tübingen with the Hölderlin tower

The promenade

Timbered houses but plastered

Leaf of the plane tree

Bank of the Neckar

Rust brown at the lake

200 years old plane trees

Tübingen from the castle with many hospitals

The hilly Tübingen

Town hall of Tübingen: they are not paintings but scratched from many layers

Many type of houses
The main entrance of the castle

Facade of the entrance

The inner side of the castle: this is part of the University of Tübingen

Timbered tower

The tree on the wall

The punts (Stocherkahn). There is also a festival and race in June.

Souvenirs from Tübingen

The Neckarmüller brewery

The brew to make bier
Soup with Maultasche, typical Swabian food

Naturtrüb Kellerbier
The road of half-timbered houses in Baden-Württemberg

Main square in Herrenberg

The other side of the main square

Different forms

Colorful and timbered

Work precisely

With autumn flowers

The church of Herrenberg

Esslingen with channels

There is a man who is fishing

In the air

The towers of the church in Esslingen
The townhall of Esslingen

A square with leaves


The street-bridge


The fiddle-make

A bike for other bikes

Have a nice day and enjoy the autumn!


Nice moments in Heidelberg

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Last Saturday we visited Heidelberg, the smart university-city not so far away from Karlsruhe. I took many pictures of the shop windows, because there are many interesting shops in this town. We also went to the Castle of Heidelberg and we saw the world's biggest barrel.

The old bridge of Heidelberg

View from the tower of the church to the castle

Tower in the castle

The walls



The gate to the old bridge



The main street


Sit down please!

Zum Wohl!


Waiting for Christmas

Red houses

Heidelberg boxes

Furniture face

Colors with colors


Nail-clipper dolls

Cats for nails

Timer owls

Colorful cups

175 years old German Railway

Listen to chocolate

Ball filled with chocolate

Heidelberg cup

German cities on cups



Kupfer Kanne - copper can

Leaves of the tulip tree next to the castle
Nice afternoon to everybody!