Bright green colors in Dahner Felsenland

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On the first of Mai we decided to take a walk in the fresh new forests of the Pfalz. The Dahner Felsenland is not far from Kalrsruhe so we traveled by a nostalgic train called, Felsenland-Express. Pfalz is really worth a visit because of the many many castles and interesting rock shapes. On that day we saw three castles altogether and we had beautiful view to the green hills of the Pfalz. The pictures were made with my Canon.

Burg Altdahn with interesting rocks

Burg Altdahn

View from the top

Erlenbach bei Dahn in bright green

The castle was built on rocks

The forests of Pfalz

Nature art

The bastion

Life between stones


Burg Altdahn from Burg Drachenfels

Springtime play

Burg Drachenfels with lovely view

The main rock of Burg Drachenfels


Hands on the sky in Burg Drachenfels

Walking in the forest

Castle Berwartstein



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