Les Calanches and the Val Restonica, the rocky side of Corsica

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In this post I collected the rocky landscapes of Corsica.
The first one is the so called Les Calanches next to Porto. Huge rocky mountains are rising from the sea and making different forms: see the heart shaped one! Not just this part of the island is interesting but the road that you should take, what is called Scala di Santa Regina. Imagine a road with a name of a stairway, it was really small and breathtaking (in every meaning of the word...). But it is worth a visit because of the panorama during the whole journey.
The second one is the Valley Restonica and the Lake Melo, where we made a tour to the lake and back. You can find here also interesting shapes, see the one with a form of an old man's face! The narrow road to the valley was really exciting too. I hope you like the pictures!

Les Calanches

Val Restonica


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