Marie Claire Fashion Days

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These pictures were taken when I was in Hungary and I had the opportunity to attend the first fashion show in my life on the Marie Claire Fashion Days. It took place in Budapest in the WAMP design centre, where the runaway was made of real trees and leaves so it was perfect autumn atmosphere. The show was actually many shows of Hungarian designers: Dora Abodi, Ahn Tuan, Je suis belle, Dora Konsansky, Dora Mojzes, Nanuska, Nubu, Kata Szegedi and Use Unused. I tried my best to take photos of my favourite pieces, and I wrote some notes to each designer's show.

Krisztina Laszlo, the editor in chief, Marie Claire Hungary
Dora Abodi

lovely prints and fur-leather details

Ahn Tuan 

bright colors, modern fabrics of the maxi skirt and sleeves of the black dress

Je suis belle

  interesting shapes and shoes, colourful menswear

Dora Konsansky

amazing lace up shoe, skirt with leather details and studded boots, diagonal heels, destroyed hood

Dora Mojzes

horse print on the skirt, lace dress, studded skirt


poncho in autumn colors

black boots with thick heels, Jesus like

Kata Szegedi
menswear with red details, leather dresses with sexy open back

Use Unused

clear silhouettes, the trench coat, brown shades, the golden necklace, the tailoring, the skirt and dress made of golden "feathers"

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