Hidden treasures of architecture in Budapest

20:10 Agnes Domany 2 Comments

One of my favorite things to do in Budapest is to "get lost". Actually for me it is difficult, as I know the city quite well, but I mean to walk and explore the hidden treasures, buildings and details. The Gellért Bath is located central and you can find easy, but if you go behind the building you can see the beautiful decorations too, as this is one of the most gorgeous baths of Hungary. The other pictures I shot when I went to the Gellért Hill. I also took a walk in the Bródy Sándor street going from Blaha Lujza square to Astoria and than to the Wörösmarty square searching for inspiration, and now I post the result.


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  1. I always love coming over to your blog. You take some of the most amazing pictures!!!

  2. Thank you, May! I am glad you like them! :)