Andalusian nights

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Come with me for a walk in Seville, in this amazing Andalusian city with the scent of Spanish culture. It was so interesting to visit Seville at the beginning of March, you could see real people living their real life not just tourists everywhere. Especially the nights had that special atmosphere so I wanted to share with you. We just walked the streets with the Mix of Moorish-Spanish architecture and did some window shopping at the same time, than we had a dinner with Sangria. Perfect birthday holiday!

Moorish details

The great Cathedral of Seville

El cronometro

Figures for the holy week

Art nouveau window

Flamenco dresses

Spanish fans

Spanish shawl

Moorish decoration

Delicate decoration

Holy celebration

Blue yellow mathematics



Andalusian hats

Ciudad de Lodres


Plaza Espana mirror

Floral details

Plaza Espana

Delicious fish with grilled vegetables and Sangria


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