Christmas dreams in Salzburg

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Dear followers and friends, I hope you had wonderful Christmas time with your family, and enjoyed delicious meals during the holiday. When I came back home last week I visited the most wonderful city of Austria: Salzburg. You can find here a great castle with an amazing view and there are many really smart Christmas markets. I am in love with the small streets in the city center and I was lucky to have beautiful sunshine with snow. That was a perfect day in December.

The castle with sun

The yard of the castle

Buildings in the castle

Lamp and star

Small castle and mountains

Needle ice

View from the castle to the valley

In the middle of the snow

Amazing view

Awesome peak

The castle with golden ball

Patterns in the castle

Details of furniture

Church in Salzburg

The wall on the hill


Stairs with snow

Leaving the castle


Smart shop

On the street


Soap flowers

Austrain cheese


Christmas balls

Like in postcards


The riverside

From Salzburg with love

Santa on the chair



Stylish hat



How to make Mozart's balls, the famous chocolate balls from Salzburg
Have nice holiday!

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1 comment:

  1. Wow! Ich war selber letztes Jahr in Salzburg und hatte es gar nicht mehr so schön in Erinnerung :-)
    Besonder die Bilder vom Schloss aus sond bezaubernd, Kompliment!