Marché de Noël en Alsace

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To visit Alsace is always a great pleasure for me, because I am in love with this region. I suppose that it is because of the colorful, smart villages and the hilly landscape. Besides these people can combine the best characters of the French and German culture. That is why the Alsatian Christmas Market is something very special: you can try delicious chocolates and cakes, one-year-old cheese, the best wines, Belgian like beers, but you walk between half-timbered houses like in Germany. The decoration in Haguenau was amazing too, there were pink and yellow lights on the houses and a white sheet which was lighted with a form of a castle for example. But the pics can tell more.

Pink and yellow in Haugenau

Marché de Noël

Pink and yellow stars on blue trees

Museum of history

Golden balcony


Bear decoration

The museum of Alsace

Pink yellow shades

Where you can buy Christmas tree


Castle on a sheet

The clock with snowflakes

Balcony and lights

Facade of a house


Scotch Xmas balls

Leo Xmas

White Xmas
Rectangular Xmas

Golden orange Xmas

Macarons and teddy


Chocolate fountain in the Cora

So delicious



Have a nice Monday!


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  1. How do you do this?! Photos of a vespa, candles, candy, and so on... and yet I'm transfixed! I can't stop looking! I wish the whole world always looked like your photographs! Your work is so dream-like!