The Castle Teck and the golden fields

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Last weekend we decided to visit again the Schwabian Alb. The autumn was here amazing colorful (The castle Hochenneuffen and golden forest) and now we wanted to see the spring too. The weather was the best, in the morning and in the afternoon the sky was really blue with pretty white clouds, but at the end of the day the storm was coming with dark clouds, so I liked the contrast of the weather. We began the tour with the Breitenstein, after we walked on the plateau. The main attraction was the Burg Teck, a lovely castle on a hill which extends from the Schwabian Albs. I have many pics from Amsterdam too and I will post them next time.

The castle Teck with the fields

Burg Teck from the Breitenstein


Bird cloud

Dead tree with the Burg Teck

On the highway

Forms of nature

Little world

In the grass

Small lilac flower

Between rocks


In the green


In white

Fruit trees


Back to the nature

Smiling dragon

Golden field

The yellow one

The plateau

Kaiser in the castle

Castle yard

View from the castle, where we started the day

Upside down


Storm is coming

Chestnut tree

The path

The rocks

The end of the forest

The rain

Flowers castle and storm

Piece of blue

Dark clounds

Goodbye blue sky
Have a nice weekend and let's celebrate the Spring in the nature!

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