The Castle Hohenneuffen and the golden forest

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For me the end of October is the best part of the autumn, because I am in love with the colors of the nature. So we decided to hike in deciduous forests, because they have the most beautiful clothes this time. First we visited the small town Neuffen, which lies under the ruins of the Castle Hohenneufen. After that we walked through vine-yards and than we entered the wonderful forest to go up to the Castle. In the Castle we had a panorama all around to the Schwäbisch Alb, and really everything was colored by the autumn. This is actually a plateau so we just walked along the edge of the hills and we reached the other side of the plateau, where we could see the other pretty castle called Burg Teck. At the end of the day we visited the town with half-timbered houses: Kichheim unter Teck. Just sit back and enjoy the journey!       

Castle Hohenneuffen with wineyard
Our trip with

Arrival at Neuffen

Main square in Neuffen

Mix of houses

The church

The way to the castle

Burg Hohenneuffen with colorful trees

Wine yard


Castle Hohenneufen from the other side

Mix of colors

Enter the golden forest

The golden tree



Birdwoman in the castle

View from the castle to Neuffen

In the golden forest

Colors on the hills

Golden brown

Hills of the Schwäbisch Alb

Burg Teck with panorama
View to Unterlenningen

Golden leaves

Branch with golden brown leaf

Where the trees reaching the sky

Oak in autumn




Rose and orange
Red stars


Town hall in Kircheim unter Teck

SeeU and have a nice day!


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