Thuringia, the beautiful East side of Germany

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In June after visiting Rothenburg ob der Tauber (see the post here) we travelled to the beautiful cities of Thuringia: Weimar, Erfurt and Gotha. I really like the classical Weimar with some houses in art nouveau style. In Erfurt there is a long street with houses in the same style, what is actually my favourite style of art. In Gotha you can find the Schloss Friedenstein and the decorated red town hall. I hope you enjoy this collection.    


Town hall in Weimar

Colorful decoration

Goethe Cafe

Goethe and Schiller, the great ones

The big chair

"If you know the life, please give me its address."

East German atmosphere


View to Erfurt

The bridge built with houses

Flying legs

Main street in Erfurt

Rain man - Ampelmann



Schloss Friedenstein

Town hall in Gotha

Other side of the town hall

Wall painting on the street


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