Colmar, the heart of Alsace ♥

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Last year in February we visited this amazing town: Colmar. In my opinion this is the most beautiful part of Alsace, as the the old town and the streets are in really good condition so you can feel that you went back some hundred years. Besides the town-scape is very colorful, and you can find everywhere some interesting details. I think I could spend a week just in Colmar shooting photos and finding every time something new. Not to mention the Alsatian meals and sweets, that you can find in that many pâtisseries, boulangeries in the downtown. So come with me and enjoy the trip in Colmar. ♥

The most beautiful street in Colmar

The main street

Canals and timbered houses

Different styles

Timbered and not timbered

Petite Venice

Colored window-shutters
Roof of the Koifhus

Georges KELLER

Pretzel and heart from 1776

Mediterranean feeling

Dots, lines and colors

Pot-cake forms


Old window


The bakery's window-shutter

Do you wanna live here?

Maison des têtes

Maison Pfister




Mix match


The blue house

Symbol of Alsace: stork

Blue and yellow

Turquoise and creamy

Gare de Colmar

Appellate court

Wonderful cakes

What is the time?

Au Brin de Paille


Pottery from Alsace



Pâtés en croûte: "bread filled with meat or other stuff"

French cheese

Soap cakes

Have a colorful day!

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  1. Hey Ági!
    Wow you have some beautiful photos here! I loooove the colors =D
    I also love those breads! Want to eat them =P
    Thank you for the sweet comment at Colourlovers!