Hundertwasser in Vienna

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Some years ago we visited Vienna and of course the amazing buildings of Hundertwasser. I really love architecture, and he is one of my favorites besides Gaudí and Ödön Lechner, to name the "Hungarian Gaudí" too. Hundertwasser was thinking quite different from other architects. He hated the straight lines, and he called his colors Dunkelbunt, which means dark colored, like the colors you can see so bright in rainy days. He had a particular lifestyle too living in a boat for years, and his quotations are interesting. He wanted to go back to the nature, and his houses have always some details of living trees and other plants on the top of them for example. In this post I would like to show you his house in Vieanna and the thermal power plant decorated with his unique design.
Hundertwasser house in Vienna

One typical column

Snake around the door

Decoration with broken tiles

Facade of the Hundertwasser house

Upside down columns

Decorated toilette

Man spout

One of the famous paintings of Hundertwasser

Engineer's gate


Disco ball on the tower

The thermal power plant


Details are important

Hunderwasser columns

Blind window
Have a nice day!
Grüss Gott!

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