High Rhine: between Germany and Switzerland

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The High Rhine is the name for the part of the Rhine between Lake Constance and Basel. There are some villages, which lie on both sides of the Rhine, the German Swiss border. So we visited last year Bad Säckingen, Laufenburg, Rheinfelden and Waldshut-Tiengen. They were very pretty, but I remember, that everything was closed, maybe it was the beginning of carnival holiday because of the decorations on the streets.

Laufenburg (Germany)

Colored houses on the bank

Above the Rhine

Rhine at Laufenburg

Yellow red flags

Laufenburg (Switzerland)

Swiss ship

The Swiss part

Rhine at the end of the street

Strange houses

Main street Rheinfelden

Colored empty street

Wooden bridge in Bad Säckingen

Blind lamp

Painted details

Old Swiss house

Cock-eyes house

Church in Bad Säckingen

Painted house

Fish in star

On the horse

Pretty water monster

The frog prince



Main street in Waldshut

Really nice beer factory Feldschlösschen

House of Feldschlösschen

Sign of Feldschlösschen am Rhein

For springtime

Scary cat

The end of the day

Have a nice afternoon!

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