Kaiserstuhl in Bloom

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Last weekend we visited the beautiful Kaiserstuhl "the Emperor's chair", which is a low mountain between the Black Forest and Vosges Mountains in the valley of the Rhine. On the hills there are many terraced vineyards so the Kaiserstuhl is famous for its wine. It is covered by loess, and in the Middle Ages they made many path in the loess to have connection between the villages. First we visited Riegel, than Endingen and Burkheim. After that we made a trip on the vineyards, there were amazing panorama everywhere. At the end of the day we went to Breisach, the most popular city of the Kaiserstuhl. In Riegel we found some goggomobils, the lovely microcars from the fifties. Burkheim was really pretty and small, it was a castle. In Endingen we have a breakfast on the Marketplace. In Breisach I made a wonderfull photo of the city at night.

View with the Totenkopf, the highest point of the Kaiserstuhl

In Riegel

Colors in Riegel

Flying stork

Der Rebenbummler: pretty train of the vineyards


Main square in Endingen

A tower of Endingen


Goggomobil logo

A green one

A blue one


Blue sky


Main street in Endingen


The lovely Burkheim

The loess path


Ruländer Kabinett

Plum trees


The terraced vineyards


In Breisach

Sunset in Breisach with the Rhine

Breisach by night
Have a nice day!

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