Where the Danube breaks through the Swabian Albs

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The most beautiful part of the autumn is October, when everything is coated with colorful leaves. This was the reason to visit one of the most wonderful National-parks in Germany: The Upper Danube which called Donautal, where we went also in the Castle in Sigmaringen and in the Beuron Archabbey and we finished our day in Ulm. I love the Danube, because it is our Hungarian national river. I have already visited it in many countries, but it is always so amazing, it shows you an other face every time. It starts from the heart of the Black Forest in Germany and it flows in the Black See in Romania in the Danube Delta. Once I would like to travel with it to see and understand the biggest river in Europe.  

The small Danube

We walked 10kms along the Danube, created with http://www.outdooractive.com/de/

Castle Sigmaringen in light fog with the Danube

Entrance of the castle

The castle courtyard

The castle on rocks

Lamp in the castle

Lamp in Sigmaringen

At the entrance of the castle


Hohenzoller Bahn

The Danube bank

Beuron Archabbey with corn field


Rocks in the valley of the Danube

Small Danube Band


Yellow leaves

The path

Mix of colors

Rocky path

Dead tree

When the sun was shining

The Cathedral in Ulm

Modern building in Ulm

Eat pencake!

Houses at the Danube

Ulmer Spatz - The sparrow of Ulm


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