Autumn colours in Südschwarzwald

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Two weeks ago we made an excursion in the south part of the Black Forest. It has hilly landscape and we saw beautiful panoramas during the trip. I always love the autumn and in the sunshine we could enjoy it. Somehow I have founded almost everywhere purple flowers, but I think they are pretty, and now I can show you how much I love the nature. I decided to post the waterfall of Todtnau in black&white, because it has a special contrast, hope you like them.

The valley: Wiesental

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The first part of our trip from Schönau. From Herrenschwand we took the bus and we went to Todtnauberg.

The second part of the trip, where we walked along the waterfall of Todtnau.

Sunrise: good beginning of the day

Hilly Black forest

Colorful trees

Afternoon light on the hills

Autumn hills

Golden brown


Typical house


Moss and leaves

Small mushroom


Orange flower

The bell

Real mushroom

Wooden mushroom

Self-service: so you can by that red mushroom for 8 € any time... it is Germany

Don't steal in Todtnauberg

After the summer

Riegeler Landbier

One of the biggest waterfalls of Germany

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