Firenze - La capitale del rinascimento

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Before I went to Florence I read a book about Michelangelo's life (Irving Stone: Michelangelo) and I decided to visit every sculpture made by him in this wonderful city. I found that he was an amazing artist and as I saw his works I felt the endless power of them. With this post I would like to admire his art. Besides I collected some interesting and beautiful sculptures of Donatello, Giambologna, Ghiberti and others from Florence to show you the variegated renaissance in Italy. It was so amazing to feel in every stone of the streets that you are in the XV. century.

Copy of David on the Piazza della Signoria
Face of David
The Florentine Pieta in Museo dell'Opera del Duomo - The deposition
Nicodemus has the face of Michelangelo
Jesus and Mary
Corpus Christi
The victory in the Palazzo Vecchio
The Master: Michelangelo Buonarroti
Neptun fountain next to the Palazzo Vecchio
Back of Neptun in beautiful sunshine
Giambologna: The rape of the Sabin women in Loggia dei Lanzi

Ghiberti's door of paradise bathing in morning sunlight
Story of Noah

Donatello: David
Donatello: Judith and Holophernes
The Master: Donatello
The Master Leonardo Da Vinci
The greatest patron of arts: Lorenzo Il Magnifico
Pierino da Vinci: Samson and the Philistine

Love scene
In the Bargello
Statue of Dante at the House of Alighieri
Silhouette of Dante on the streetstone
Angel in a cage

See U next time with the Florence collection.

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