Nagold valley in spring

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Last weekend we visited the lovely Nagoldtal, the valley of the river Nagold. First we went to Neubulach than to Bad Teinach-Zavestein, which has two parts: Bad Teinach is a health resort and Zavestein has a small castle, as this was the smallest town in Germany that had rights for make markets, to have castle walls and so on. From the tower of the rest of the castle you have nice view. The other attraction here is the Krokusblüte, the field of crocus in March, which was really amazing as you could see many flowers everywhere. The last station of our trip was in Calw, the birth town of Hemann Hesse, one of my favorite writers. Here dominating the half timbered houses and the Nagold river.

Lovely street in Calw

Half timbered houses in Calw

Hermann Hesse

Quotation from Hesse

Knulp, the main character from Hesse's novel

Nicolaus bridge in Calw


Colored window

View from the tower of the castle in Zavelstein

In the castle of Zavelstein

Bad Steinach

House in Black Forest style

Rest of the castle wall in Neubulach

Atmosphere from the middle ages


Tower in Neubulach
Awakening in the forest


Working bee


Crocus field in Zavestein
Have a nice spring day!

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