Cinque Terre - la prima fermata: Monterosso

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I usually never use Photoshop, but some days ago I found a very nice program to have toycamera effect. So far as I know this feature will be available in the brand new Canon EOS 60D. You can say it is useless in a camera, but I love this effect. I decided to use this program: Analogcolor for my pictures taken in Monterosso, which was the first station for us in Cinque Terre. This is an amazing place with colorful houses and narrow street at the feet of the mountains. Cinque Terre means five lands and it contains five beautiful villages, that we all visited. I hope you enjoy the vintage effect (fake lomo option in the program) on the pictures. Please let me know your opinion!

This view welcomed us in Monterosso.

The narrow streets of Monterosso.

Of course a pizzeria and the clothes hanging out on the streets.

You can find many buildings made of stone like this.

Colorful seaside place.

And last but not least I should tell you something about the food! This called acciughe and it is a very heavily salted fish to conserve it for a long time. This is typical in Cinque Terre.

You can find there olives too, and the limoncello, which is not as strong as the Hungarian palinka, but it is like lemon liqueur with yellow color.

Next time I'll show you Riomaggiore.

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