Monte Capanne - Top of Isola d'Elba

17:26 Agnes Domany 0 Comments

We made a hiking tour on the highest mountain of Elba called Monte Capanne (1019m). There is a "funivia" which takes you on the top so we decided to walk back to the valley. The trip was very exited, and I saw the best panorama with sundown and clouds in my life. I know it was an unreproducible moment and I want to share it with you in the next post.


Here are some pictures of the interesting stone-shapes. The path was very rocky and sometimes I dindn't understand how a stone can be stand and not fall down...


After the shapes some beautiful photos with the panorama of the whole island.

From Elba you can see the other island Corsica with its over 2500m mountains.

Red stones

The next post will be about the sundowns in Elba. The most beautiful collection. :)

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