Zürich, The city of the craft-unions

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Here are some photos from Zürich when we started our trip to Italy. We stayed one night there because of the train ticket, but I didn't mind. You can see an absolutely different side of a city when you walk through at night. There are nobody on the streets, everything is so calm and sleepy. And when the dawn is coming you can hear it from the sounds: some guys cleaning the streets, some trams passing by and the life begins again.

And here are some pics about how many things you can find in this beautiful city. There are so many very small and unique shops and there live so many people who work with art, design or as craftsman. Maybe sometime I will live there too a little time.

Use for cooling or just for fun :) 

Frog music

Swiss chocolate

Do you want to buy something which is 500 million years old?

Head lamp

When I was there I couldn't stand to play with the light at night.

Schwiizertüütsch, something very typical in Switzerland :)

I love the mess before this advertisement from McDonald's. You can hardly find such a big mess in Switzerland.

The next post will be about Cinque Terre.

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