On the streets of Elba

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This is the final collection from this wonderful island. I just want to show you the unique atmosphere of this small Tuscany villages in daylight and at night. You can find the most beautiful villages on the hills and not by the sea, because they are separated from the tourists and that's why they are so lovely and old. The typical Italian street has many flowers, clothes drying, narrow opes, delicious restaurants and loudly speaking inhabitants. :)
Dispite of  that during the day everything is so calm because one has siesta in the heat. At nightfall the things become sparkling and I love it so much. Have a nice Monday!

Portoferraio- the "capital" of Elba

After Portoferraio I show you some little villages. Poggio, Marciana, Sant'Andrea and Rio nell'Elba.

Capoliveri is a well known small town in Elba, and it worth to visit, because it is a mix of calm villages and crowded ports.

The next blogs will be about Milan, Bologna, Ancona, Rimini, and the most beautiful region of Italy: Tuscany! I can't wait to show you the pics.

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