Let me introduce Karlsruhe, where I live

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In 2006 I arrived at this town, and since then I have spent almost 3 years here. I could see its different faces, and Karlsruhe has always a calm, unique, German atmosphere. You can find here many huge parks, forest, a nice castle with a so called Orangerie, a big university and perfect traffic solutions. In my opinion the living circumstances are very good here, because people use bicycles and public transport so the air is clear. The Orangerie is one of my favorite places, because it always changes its clothes and in Spring it is amazing with many unique and interesting flowers, besides it is also an arboretum. Durlach is a small part village of Karlsruhe and it is my other favorite with its timbered houses and old feeling, as Durlach is older than Karlsruhe. Let me tell you the interesting story of the founding of Karlsruhe. At the beginning of the 18. century there was a rich Duke, who liked hunting in the forests of Baden. One day he laid down under a tree and he dreamed. He saw a beautiful castle in his dream and after he woke up he decided to build up the same castle at the same place. So that is why Karlsruhe was founded in a forest and far away from other old cities. And now let's see the fine collection of Karlsruhe, which contains photos from many years and all seasons. Please let me know your opinion about the new slide show! Do you like it? Or did you find the older version was better? Thank you for the comments!

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  1. mein Platz :D:D:D nicht weit von der Herren Strasse :) :D / riesengroßes Like

  2. Da waren die schönen Zeiten! :D