The magnificent Parc Güell

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The Parc Güell is for me the main artwork of Gaudí, because the buildings, corridors, seats and everything are in the nature so that his works are next to his spring of inspiration. This has a magnificent influence on me, he was a genius and I admire his work very much. Besides you can find there many musicians that makes the atmosphere more unique. I hope you like the music of the best Hungarian musicians: Horváth Kornél, Tátrai Tibor, Szücs Antal Gábor, click to the link above to listen.

Park Güell

Dream house at the entrance

Patterns everywhere

Broken tiles

My favorite patterns

The top

Columns like palms

Beautiful weather in November

Arcades of Gaudí

The chief attraction

Details of the snake

Stone drops

Every detail is important

The chameleon

The sun mosaic


Green mosaic

Iron gate

Gaudí Museum

House with citrus tree

In Green
Playing with UFO (hang drum)

See you next time with other pics of Barcelona!
Have a nice day!

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  1. I just came here from your link on ColourLovers and WOW! Your photography is breathtaking! I especially couldn't stop staring at your Gaudí Museum photo, of the shuttered windows! Never heard of Park Güell before yet I now have a burning desire to visit...